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Friday, October 03, 2014

Missile Defense: A Trojan Horse

A protest at US NSA/NRO space spy base at Menwith Hill in England

I was looking through some old US Space Command documents last night in preparation for a talk on the militarization of space that I will do on Saturday here in Maine.  The New England War Tax Resistance group has their 29th annual meeting in Kennebunk, Maine this weekend and I will speak along with CodePink Maine coordinator Lisa Savage.

Inside the Space Command's Long Range Plan (published in 1998) I found a paperclip on page 74 and in a section called 'End State' was something I marked many years ago with a yellow highlighter:

In 2020, we see space forces completely integrated with land, sea, and air forces.  Warfighters are trained to take full advantage of space capabilities in special, joint, and combined warfare.  Should threats to our national security emerge and our civilian leadership decide, weapons in space could be deployed - first for national missile defense, then toward theater missile defense, and eventually for additional missions.  Tactics, techniques, and procedures mature as a result of policies and doctrine that encourage employing capabilities from all mediums throughout the entire spectrum of conflict.

It is more than clear that "missile defense" is about offense - full spectrum dominance.

In a book called Arming The Heavens: The Hidden Military Agenda for Space, 1945-1995 author Jack Manno tells the story about Hitlers rocket team that was brought to the US at the end of WW II under the program of Operation Paperclip.  The 100 leading Nazi scientists and engineers were brought to Huntsville, Alabama to create the US space program.  One of them, Maj. Gen. Walter Dornberger, had been the head of Hitler's military space program.  Manno writes about Dornberger:

Before a [US] congressional hearing in 1958, Dornberger insisted that America's top space priority ought to be to "conquer, occupy, keep, and utilize space between the earth and the moon."  In an address to a National Missile Industry Conference, he dismissed NASA's early space-flight program as "space stunts" and urged that more attention be given to space weaponry.  "Gentlemen," he told the missile men, "I didn't come to this country to lose the Third World War - I lost two."

Dornberger was the first to come up with the idea that the US should put orbiting battle stations into the heavens that would allow the military to knock out satellites and hit targets on the Earth.  While some of these systems have yet to be deployed they certainly have been, and still are, under development by the US aerospace industry.

The telling point is that the Nazi program of using military space technology to control the Earth below is indeed at the core of the US Space Command program in 2014 and beyond.  Thus 'missile defense' is indeed a Trojan Horse - a way to sell an offensive program to Congress and the American people under the guise of defending the homeland and 'our allies'.


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