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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Representing Global Network in India

Global Network board member Tamara Lorincz went to Nagpur, India on behalf of our organization to speak at a Keep Space for Peace Week conference organized by another one of our board members J. Narayana Rao.  Tamara is from Halifax, Nova Scotia and is living in Yorkshire, England for a year doing a peace studies fellowship.

Rao wrote from India:

The National Youth Conference has come to an end at 3 PM to day. Tamara will send you a report. But I would like state how correct the decision to send Tamara to our Conference. She has won the hearts of the young people here. The narration of facts on several issues is amazing. Many students want that this sort of meetings should be held in their colleges and university. She and Admiral Vishnu Bhagwat have succeed to ponder over the issues of imperialist Wars, Disarmament, Prevention of An Arms race in the Outer Space. 

The delegates who have come Hyderabad have decided to invite Adm.Vishnu Bhagwat to Hyderabad in December to speak on these issues. They have also assured me that in the Year 2016 or 2017 if the Annual G.N. Conference is held in India, they are ready to host it at Hyderabad. This city is one of the metropolitan cities in India in the South.

I feel that the purpose for which this conference is held has been achieved.


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