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Monday, October 06, 2014

Two More Protest Stories

RAF Croughton, England on Oct 4 for rally at U.S. satellite communication base by Oxfordshire Peace Campaign

Protest against drones in front of Home Depot on island of Hilo, Hawai'i Click on photo for better view

  • I love the idea of holding a protest in front of Home Depot.  Go where the people are and god knows that the big box corporate stores are a huge part of the problem when it comes to corporate domination of our society.  The oligarchy is making it harder on all of us to be able to have true dialogue with the masses.  They fear honest discussion and friendships and respect for one another.  But a real democratic culture does not best serve corporate capitalism and must be taken down.  Corporate power uber alles.  Always exciting to know that good folks are out bringing to message to others.  It looks like they did a good job of it.

  • The top photo is from a rally in front of RAF Croughton in England.  (The 'RAF' in front of Croughton is a bit of an illusion.  The Pentagon runs Croughton but in order to keep the peasants on the farm they have to give way to local sensibilities about Britain being in charge.  They are not.) 

  • The US will be spending £200m to turn Croughton into one of it's largest international intelligence hubs. This major Pentagon communication and intelligence base supports many other US military bases in Europe and is involved in world-wide war operations. These include space communications, data links, military drone information, bomber guidance, missile defence, diplomatic communications, and command and control war fighting functions. A connected base is at Barford St John,  Banbury, Oxfordshire.
One of the US spy radomes at RAF Croughton


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