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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Second Day of Peace Walk

Our second day of the peace walk took us from Rangeley to Phillips where local hosts have organized a three-soup pot luck for us.  It is more than amazing to see the beauty of the Rangeley lakes area and I can't wait to come back to enjoy the nature in this place.

Three peace women from Farmington found us mid-day and walked the remaining distance to Phillips.  We walked a total of 12 miles today.  It's 19 miles to Farmington from Phillips but we will only walk 16 miles tomorrow - got to break ourselves in easy as we go.

The weather today more than fantastic.  Lots of honks from cars, people eager to take our walk flyers, and my favorite moment today was when a car stopped on the highway and took our flyer. 

For Mainers who will understand this - lots of LePage signs up this way.  (For others he is our terrible right-wing governor who is up for reelection and presently tied for the lead in the polls in a three-way race.)

(In the photo I am stretching my overly tight calve muscles.)

Photo by Peter Woodruff


Blogger a said...

Sounds like a wonderful day in Autumn air. Keep up the good walk:)

10/12/14, 6:37 PM  

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