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Monday, October 13, 2014

Arrived in Farmington

Lunch on the road on way to Farmington
Our blister bus and gear car for the walk

We made good time to start the day doing three miles in 45 minutes rather than the usual hour - the early morning cold might have had alot to do with it.  All together we walked about 15 miles.

The part of Maine we've been walking through is a conservative Republican bastion.  We made 1,000 half-page flyers about the walk and hand them to any one we see along the road.  Sometimes we have to run a bit to a nearby house when we see someone stick their head out the door because they heard the drumming by the Buddhist monk and the others who drum along with him.  We also put flyers in the newspaper boxes along the side of the road but few people subscribe to local papers anymore so they are few and far in between.

We got lots of food donated to us last night from the pot luck supper in Phillips so our lunch today was quite abundant.  It becomes a challenge to find ways to carry all the gifts of food and drink people donate to us.

A Veterans for Peace (VFP) member from the Boston area arrived in Farmington today just after we arrived.  He'll walk with us tomorrow.  Our dear friend Starr Gilmartin arrives tomorrow for the rest of the way.  She walked with us last year on our Maine Drone walk from Limestone to Bath. A Buddhist nun and another monk are coming on Wednesday.

Tonight we will be hosted by Maine VFP co-founder Doug Rawlings in Farmington at the UCC church and then we'll be taken to different homes for showers and a bed.  After a couple of nights of floor sleeping a bed will feel good.

Photo by Peter Woodruff


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