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Sunday, July 13, 2014


Here is a message from Irina Timofeeva where she gives evidence of genocide in Slavyansk made by so-called "National Guards" and troops of Ukrainian army.

Dear All,

You may have heard that self-defense forces have taken the militiamen families, armaments, and escaped from the besieged town, so long as they were hoping Ukrainian army would stop bombing the town and civilians, besides, DPR Commander Igor Strelkov is after winning the war and not losing the battle as some had hoped. This is what happened thereafter.

Urgent! The truth from Slavyansk about what is happening in the town. In Slavyansk genocide of civilians is in full swing. Here is the information of eye-witnesses.


"Serezha, this info is from a friend...she personally saw it.. When Ukrainian troops came into the town, they already had the information on who was in the militia. They seized a woman and a man, tied them to the armored vehicles by the legs and thus thrust them alive on the square, then the blееding bodies were thrown into a car and taken somewhere.

"Then they broke into an apartment [of a militiaman] and kidnapped a six year old child, made it to the square, nailed him to the advertising board and when his father came running to the square, they murdered him in front of everyone. Igor and his daughter saw this, the girl's stress was so horrific that she began to stutter badly, and she's only twelve. Igor grabbed his daughter and his wife and fled for Belgorod without further ado. I didn't say the main thing. This is how they do the cleansing. They break into apartments and houses, with dogs, men under thirty-five all get shot on the spot, without trial. No talking, no inquiries if a person supports Ukraine, or Novorossia, they don't f.... care... Just shoot the guys before the eyes of their relatives. Igor said they are punitives, he told me this and I started crying and he cried as well on the phone. He's shocked. It was happening yesterday and the day before. It turns out that bombing is more humane than what is happening now in Slavyansk. The corpses lie along the streets, in houses and apartments, no one counts them, or investigates anything, or takes them away."

8 July, 2014
Ivan Protsenko

As always, you are kindly requested to spread this and act on this. OSCE [Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe] mission is still in Ukraine, they should investigate this.
Thank you,


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