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Friday, July 11, 2014


Canadian activist Roger Annis shares:

The internet is flooded with videos of the killings and rampages by [Kiev's] fascist militias in eastern Ukraine. The fascists like to boast about their murders and rampages. Here is one video of a battalion of the neo-Nazi Right Sector near the village of Karlovka, southeast Ukraine on July 6. Right Sector leader Dmytro Yarosh addresses his ‘troops’ shortly after they had engaged in a skirmish with self defense fighters. Below is the translated text of his remarks. Note the close ties with the Ukraine army and U.S. advisors that Yarosh acknowledges in his remarks:

Video Translation

Yarosh: Everybody, attention! We worked well today. Certainly we’d like something more. But with our forces as they are, we actually couldn’t reach better results. We expected that when we entered into fighting the armoured vehicles would come to help us. We expected reinforcement to come but it didn’t happen. We expected that artillery would totally smash those checkpoints – and it has been shelling them for 1.5 hours – but it didn’t smash them.

Still, we performed our duty well. Let’s call it an offensive reconnaissance. And we worked well together with our guys from the Donbass Battalion and military units.

Unfortunately, we have one injured, but he will live – the bullet went right through him. I’m very happy to see all of you alive – that’s the important thing for me. We’ll have many other battles of this kind. So, as we return to base, we should analyze our mistakes because there were some. Lessons should be drawn by all our units, and by our friend ‘Wolf’ [one of the commanders].

We should train more – then there will less of our blood spilled and more of the enemy’s.

About weapons and armament – we should work on this issue, too. I’ll go to the U.S. and I hope that our recent battle convinces them. I’ll ask them to provide us, at last, with other respective ‘arguments’ – more arms and ammunition. And now – following the order of our friend Wolf – to the cars and to base. Any questions or brilliant ideas?

A voice of one of the paramilitaries: Maybe we should check with army regulars and stay with them here a little longer?

Yarosh: If there’s a need, then, of course, we’ll provide them with our people.


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