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Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Global Network board member Sung-Hee Choi (on left) holds banner with Catholic Bishop Kang during peace walk

Once again during this hot summer the folks on Jeju, South Korea are walking around their island home in the Grand March for Life and Peace.  They continue to protest against construction of a Navy base that will port US nuclear aircraft carriers, destroyers, and nuclear submarines that will all be aimed at China and Russia.

Their unwavering determination is remarkable.  But even more remarkable to me is the banner just above that links their effort to the struggles in Palestine and Ukraine where thousands of people are being killed by US-backed fascist regimes based in Tel Aviv and Kiev.  Even as bogged down as they are in Gangjeong village the movement there still has time to see the wider picture and to wrap Palestine and Ukraine in their spirit of love.  Amazing example of true solidarity.

The Korean people know something about fascism - having been brutally occupied during WW2 by imperial Japan. Once the war was over, and the US took military control of Korea, the Pentagon installed Koreans who had collaborated with the fascist Japanese as the new 'leaders' of Korea.  Those same forces then proceeded to kill as many as 30,000 people on Jeju Island who stood up against the fascist dictatorship implanted by Washington.

This spirited and non-violent campaign in Gangjeong village on Jeju Island is one that we should all be supporting in any way that we can.  My heart is with all the people there as they walk around Jeju saying No Navy Base!  Protect the nature!  Remember our ancestors who are buried along our coast line!  Defend our simple way of life!  Protect the peace!


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