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Tuesday, July 08, 2014


Ukraine's Prime-Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk 'Yats' is doing the bidding of IMF, World Bank and NATO

The situation in Ukraine worsens as the US-NATO installed regime in Kiev continues to mount massive and unrelenting attack on their citizens in the eastern part of the country.  After Kiev's shelling of Slavyansk for weeks the self-defense forces escaped from that city and headed toward the larger cities of Lugansk (400,000) and Donetsk (1.2 million).  Stories are numerous that as the Kiev military took control of Slavyansk they rounded up many people and shipped them out of town - to detention camps, certain death?  No one knows yet but soon enough the story will emerge.

A peace conference was held in Yalta during the past weekend and a participant reports:

One delegate from Ukraine who traveled to Crimea by train told this writer of witnessing young men removed from the train by Ukraine border authorities under suspicion they were escaping to Crimea seeking to evade Ukraine’s compulsory military service. He also spoke fearfully of the political kidnappings and disappearances that are taking place in his region of Kharkiv, the second largest city in Ukraine.

The US State Department talking heads still deny the Kiev military attacks on civilians.  They reverse the story and blame the self-defense forces that have in fact only been trying to protect their families from the Nazi's coming to kill them. The US also denies that as many of 500,000 Ukrainians have fled to Russia as refugees. 

Many inside and outside of Russia have been surprised that Putin has not done more to protect the people in eastern Ukraine from the US-NATO directed forces.  The Vineyard of the Saker takes that topic on today:

So what is the fight really all about?
First, remember, the Ukies decide nothing.  It's Uncle Sam.  And Uncle Sam wants a new Cold War, Uncle Sam fosters wars and crises everywhere, because that is crucial to justify NATO and because it keeps the dollar going.  For Uncle Sam, a decade long war in the Donbass is perfect: make them accursed Russkies pay for Syria, get NATO closer to Russia's border, scare the crap of out the Europeans, crash the Euro in the process, and justify NATO.  What could be better?!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

My Russian ecologist friend, Anatoli Lebedev wrote;
You only forgot to point out Re Ukrain, that it's president has no power to stop bombing East, since the bombers are simply funded by the other oligarch, jewish Kolomoiski, which hates Russians and as I remember has Israel citizenship. Most obviously, this is a middleman between US and Ukrain to transfer funds for killers.

7/8/14, 7:04 PM  

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