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Thursday, July 03, 2014


Significant protests against the war being waged in eastern Ukraine by the governing regime in Kyiv are taking place by the conscript soldiers of the Ukraine army and their families, friends and supporters. The protests are entirely unreported in mainstream, western media. They take on a renewed urgency as a result of Kyiv's July 1 announcement that it is ending a ten day ceasefire and resuming its military assaults against the towns and cities in the east.

(Click here for many more stories and links about growing resistance to the US-NATO Kiev regime by citizens of Ukraine)

A soldier speaks out

On June 10, a 22 year-old soldier spoke out at a rally in Kharkiv, the second-largest city in Ukraine. The text of his moving speech is below.

My first duty [as a soldier] is to save the Ukrainian people. First of all, I have to protect people, not territorial integrity.
[А man from the crowd: "Protect from fascists. It is right". Applause.
I have been drafted into the army. They want me to go to war to kill guys from Donbass, who took the same oath as I did. What I want to say... is the army command urges me to protect the territorial integrity of Ukraine. Then they'll give it away to the EU and USA.
[Voices from the crowd: "Yes! You are right!"]
Only a stupid man* would not understand this. [*the word is "sovok", a disparaging term for older people who have lived most of their lives during the years of the Soviet Union and who will believe anything the mass media says.]
I want to say more... I served in tank force 'Desna'. I took an oath under the red flag of the army [points to a red banner behind him]. It was the 'Alexander Nevsky' regiment. Think about it! In this regiment, now, are those who set fire to internal security troops at Maidan square, who shot my brothers in special units, who study how to fire anti-tank missiles.
They learn infantry weapons, like all ground forces. They are now preparing to kill guys who don't agree with them, who have different positions. They would kill police officers who refuse to obey their orders. It's a fact. This is what I mean to say.
People, look at me. I am 22. I do not smoke or drink. I am of the gene pool of this country. It's a fact. Because of them [rightists and neo-Nazis], the day after tomorrow you will bury guys like me. Do you understand? This is a big responsibility for you.
I urge you all, however possible, not to shed blood. Show prudence, stick to your position—for peace. Of course, if war breaks out, I urge you to provide all possible support for protests against the junta [Kiev government]. Be good people! Down with the junta! The army and the people together!
[The crowd applauds at the end of the speech and chants, “"Down with the junta" and "The army and the people together!"]


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