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Saturday, May 25, 2024

UK insanity: Boris shared his love for Azov Battalion


British lawmakers cheered a delegation of the notorious Azov Ukrainian military unit at a roundtable in Parliament on Wednesday, while former Prime Minister Boris Johnson called them “heroes.”

Johnson additionally calls for the Ukrainian government to be authorized to use Western weapons inside Russian territory. That means largely attacking civilians as they have done since 2014.

This would escalate the war which is exactly what the US-UK-NATO truly hope to do.

What comes after that would get very ugly for all of us. 


Boris holds Nazi flag shows his truce colors 


Founded as a neo-Nazi militia in 2014, Azov was a key participant in the fighting in Donbass prior to the outbreak of full-blown hostilities in 2022. During this time it was accused by the UN and several human rights organizations of engaging in torture, rape, and looting. It was eventually integrated into Ukraine’s National Guard, and in 2023 was expanded to a brigade.


Members of the Azov unit speak to the UK Parliament, London, on May 22


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bruce, how is it that educated people can chant ‘free free Palestine’ and also post ‘all glory to Ukraine’? It seems inconsistent.

5/26/24, 1:04 PM  
Blogger Bruce K. Gagnon said...

Very good question. Two answers come to mind.

First is they likely don't know much about the real story of US coup in Kiev in 2014 and the almost immediate attacks on the Russian ethnic Donbass region of eastern Ukraine by Nazis armed, trained and directed by US-UK-NATO. These non-stop attacks on the Donbass led to Russia finally intervening in 2022.

Russia tried for 8 years to solve the crisis via diplomacy but Washington-London-Brussels-Paris had another goal in mind. It was war with Russia, regime change in Moscow and the break-up of Russia into smaller nations that the west would control.

If people do know that story they are likely afraid to publicly admit it for fear of being called a Putin-ista.

Secondly, many people like to follow the crowd - get in front of a big parade. Since support for Palestine is so popular globally (which is a good thing) for some it is thus 'politically safe' to carry that flag and banner.

In the case of Ukraine-Russia many 'liberals' stay away because there is no 'reward' in telling the real true story.

5/27/24, 9:32 AM  

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