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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Is this the best way to distribute aid to Gaza?


As the Israeli blockade and attacks on the Gaza Strip continued, humanitarian aid was dropped from the air near Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis city in the southern Gaza Strip. Palestinians flocked to the area to receive humanitarian aid.

If one is lucky to be near a parachute dropped pallet you might get a box of crackers or a couple cans of beans. Maybe a bag of flour or sugar.

But the really evil thing about this process is how it encourages starving and desperate people to push and shove their way to the pallet of aid. It encourages a break-down in the social order. That is likely what the US-EU-Israel really want in Gaza.

Another deadly factor about these chute drops is they have killed Gazans. Some people drowned while trying to retrieve them when they fell into the ocean or got hit when the pallet landed on them.

If the US truly wants aid to regularly and systematically get into Gaza then Washington should demand that Israel open the gates in Rafah and allow the long line of trucks, that are increasingly being attacked by Israel zionist citizens, to freely enter Gaza. Then the various aid groups that are still operating inside the devastated strip can distribute it in a proper way.

But if dis-information is your real goal then dropping some pallets of crackers from the sky is a good way to fool some people around the globe that aid is reaching the people.

West Bank

Another important story this week is the zionist escalation of attacks on the refugee camp in Jenin. Scores of Palestinians are being killed there and homes (just like in Gaza) are being destroyed. The key point is that Jenin is in the West Bank. Hamas does not operate there. Why is Israel now turning more and more Palestinian communities in the West Bank into another Gaza?

I think the answer is fairly obvious to anyone who is honest. This is just another step in Israel's full-bore genocide of the people of Gaza.

I don't have any real faith (and hope I am wrong) in the ICJ doing anything to stop the zionist apartheid state of Israel. But they are supposed to make some ruling this week.

If the 'international legal system of justice' wishes to have any credibility it must immediately declare Israel as an outlaw state and ban them from all international bodies. In addition the ICJ must declare a full-top to the war on Palestine and put global sanctions on Israel until they agree to a one-state solution - a truly democratic state of Palestine made up of all the people living in the current Israel. Palestinians, Jews, Christians all get one vote each.

No more apartheid Israel. They have abused their right to run the region. Those days are over.

Truth comes out

An Associated Press report published on Wednesday shed light on debunked allegations of sexual violence perpetrated by Palestinian fighters on 7 October. 

The report published by the AP, in which it confirmed that the allegations of the Zionist entity that the Palestinian resistance committed sexual violence on 7 October are not true, and that they were deliberately fabricated, is a new slap in the face of the promoters of these baseless allegations.

The report explores the testimony of Chaim Otmazgin, a volunteer with ZAKA Israeli search and rescue organization, that was used to document purported allegations of violence by Palestinian fighters on 7 October, but much of that testimony was later debunked. The examination of ZAKA’s handling of the now debunked stories shows how "information can be clouded and distorted in the chaos of the conflict,” the AP said. 

Hamas said the AP report and other articles “proved that they [sexual assault allegations] are pure lies and blatant fabrications”. The group called on US President Joe Biden and members of European countries to “apologise...stop repeating these false accusations against the resistance and the Palestinian people”.



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