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Sunday, May 19, 2024

NYC cops beat peaceful people



During a Free Palestine protest in New York City, NYPD ended up going crazy on the peaceful demonstration. 

From punching protesters in the stomach, to throwing multiple protesters on the ground in violent ways. 

NYC Mayor Eric Adams is up to his ears in campaign donations from zionists who have been demanding that he crack down on Palestine solidarity protests.  

Based on estimates of the size of the police force and the cost per officer, New York spent at least $200,000 on overtime alone for the four-hour raid to clear Columbia University Hamilton Hall, according to an analysis by The Intercept.

“Every dollar that we spend on policing, especially policing that is suppressing our constitutional rights in a democracy, is an affront against so many New Yorkers who are in desperate need for economic and social support,” said Jawanza Williams, director of organizing at VOCAL-NY, a community activist group. “The administration has a totally flipped, upside-down perspective when it comes to what should be a priority in the city’s spending and the city’s budget.”

This ain't gonna go down well with folks around the globe.

One chant by students in the Netherlands to police goes like this: 'We are people, what are you?'

Free Palestine! Stop zionist (Israel-US-EU) genocide! 


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