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Sunday, May 26, 2024

Gaza protest in Waterville, Maine on Saturday



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On Saturday about 40 folks gathered in Waterville for our monthly protest that we've been holding since February 2022 in different communities around Maine.

We met at a busy intersection where several lanes of traffic all merge into the heart of downtown. We vigiled for about 40 minutes and then marched on the sidewalk thru downtown. A newspaper reporter was inside one of the eateries as we passed and he ran after us and interviewed Lisa Savage and me.

A photographer (who dreams of working for a newspaper) heard our chanting and ran outside of his apartment along the downtown strip ('without putting on his socks' he told one of our folks) and began taking photos of the march.

After the march we gathered in a circle and passed the microphone and people talked about why they came. One young person said it was her first protest ever while others spoke about the horrors they are daily witnessing as the zionists (from Israel-US-EU) participate in unleashing genocide upon the people in Gaza and the West Bank of Palestine.  Many commented that these protests are life giving to them during these difficult times.

My comment was that I come for those driving by who wave or honk. I want them to see they are not alone and hope our presence will give them more courage to speak out for an end to war crimes in Palestine.

Others addressed the conflicts US-NATO are waging on Russia (using Ukraine as a proxy) and the coming war with China using Taiwan as the proxy.

The Morning Sentinel ran an excellent front-page article on the protest with several pictures. The young reporter, that came running out of the cafe, did an good job of capturing the essence of the event. See the article here.

Our next monthly event will be in Wells, Maine on Saturday, June 8 at 1:30 pm at the intersection of coastal Route 1 and  Route 9. 

Join us if you can. 


~ Photos by MB Sullivan


Blogger Regis said...

My home town! Good job all, and MB for the photos.

5/28/24, 3:09 PM  

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