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Saturday, November 04, 2023

West Bank being erased as well



Israel-Hamas war: Ordinary life suspended in West Bank as Israeli military imposes 'lockdown' and families flee by journalist Stuart Ramsay on location.

The West Bank as a whole is in a sort-of lockdown imposed by the Israel Defence Forces (IDF). I drove through much of this land, designated as occupied by the international community, and was amazed at just how much control the Israeli military now has here.

Ordinary life has been suspended - a suspension overseen by Israeli soldiers patrolling in armoured vehicles, searching cars at checkpoints, monitoring all movement from fortified watchtowers and locking shut huge yellow barriers to Palestinian towns; or dumping great mounds of earth to block roads.

It's quiet, it's eery, it's intimidating and scary - and that's exactly how it's designed to be.

See the full written report with many photos here


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