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Monday, November 06, 2023

Gaza, the heroism of a people


By Manlio Dinucci (Grandangolo on Byoblu TV, Italy)

Israel claims responsibility for the attack on the Gaza refugee camp, which massacred civilians: in other words, it claims its right to exterminate Palestinians. The former Israeli ambassador to Italy Dror Eydar openly claimed this on Mediaset Rete 4, declaring that Israel's objective is to destroy Gaza. The Israeli ground attack on Gaza confirms this: together with tanks, the bulldozers advance, demolishing what is still standing after the bombings. 

The plan is clear: to make life in Gaza impossible, then open a humanitarian corridor to evacuate the population. A plan for the resettlement and final rehabilitation in Egypt of the entire population of Gaza has already been drawn up by Amir Weitmann, an influential member of the Knesset belonging to Netanyau's party. In short, the plan involves expelling the entire population from the Palestinian Territories, definitively scuppering the creation of a Palestinian State, alongside Israel, as decided 76 years ago by the United Nations.

The political leader of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, in a video message, broadcast not from Gaza but from his central office in Doha, Qatar, declares: 'We need the blood of the women, children, and elderly people of Gaza to awaken the spirit within us of challenge that pushes us to move forward'. It seems strange that the Hamas leader is directing his group from his central office, located in Doha a few kilometres from the Al Udeid base, the largest US base in the Middle East, to the headquarters of the United States Air Forces Central Command.

The fact that Benjamin Netanyahu supported Hamas is further confirmed by what he declared in March 2019 at a meeting of the Likud party members in the Knesset: 'Whoever wants to hinder the creation of a Palestinian State must support Hamas and transfer money to Hamas. This is part of our strategy: to isolate the Palestinians of Gaza from the Palestinians of the West Bank (Haaretz October 9, 2023)'. For years, Israel has allowed suitcases containing millions of dollars in cash from Qatar to enter through Gaza crossings to be delivered to Hamas leaders.

These and other facts confirm that the operation they unleashed on October 7th in the Middle East, is a similar operation to the one implemented on September 11th with the attack on the Twin Towers in New York. The aim of this operation is not only to erase the Palestinian Territories but to open a broad war front in a Middle East in which the United States, Israel, and the major European powers are losing ground, as demonstrated by the forthcoming entry of two countries hitherto rivals, Iran and Saudi Arabia, in the BRICS together with Russia and China. However, the plan must deal with the people, starting with the Palestinians, who are demonstrating heroic resistance.


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