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Wednesday, September 06, 2023

Not safe in Poland or any part of Europe



Poland says that it will round up Ukrainians of military age and extradite them in order to send them to war.

Remember last year when the war began and Western countries congratulated each other for being so generous to Ukrainian refugees? So much for that!

According to Polish newspaper Rzeszpospolita, about 80,000 Ukrainians are unaccounted for, having crossed into Poland when the war began. Now a Ukrainian presidential representative says this about those people:

“This is a large number for Ukraine, because all these people can be mobilized to strengthen the ranks of the armed forces, thus strengthening our defense and security.”

How will they find them?

The Ukrainian prosecutor’s office says that they will issue international arrest warrants for Ukrainian citizens abroad. Abroad like throughout Europe? In the U.S.? What about all of those charities that accepted Ukrainian refugees? Do they have to send them back?

There is extreme irony in the fact that these refugees could be safer in Russia.

“If we detain such a foreigner, for example, during a simple check on the road, our National Police Information System will show that he is wanted by the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s Office, because Interpol data feature there. We detain such a person, inform the prosecutor’s office, and the court decides on the extradition,” Polish police spokesperson Mariusz Czarka explained.

Or…. Ukraine could stop attacking the regions that voted to join Russia, agree to peace talks and let those people live.


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