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Thursday, September 28, 2023

All out for Assange! Emergency actions if he is extradited


On September 26 Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine held a public relations event on the behalf of alleged US CIA spy caught in Russia who was identified by Washington as a reporter for the Wall Street Journal.

As it turns out the man alleged to be CIA spy was former Bowdoin student Evan Gershkovich.

The public was invited to attend this program which was advertised by the claim that 'Journalism is not a crime' - the same campaign slogan being used to call upon the US to release WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange who is still behind bars in England. Biden wants Assange extradited to Washington where he can be tried and sentenced to life in prison.

Assange's great crime? He released formerly secret US government documents handed to him by courageous whistleblowers over the years. He exposed corruption and grievous war crimes at the highest levels of government. No one has ever been held accountable for these crimes while millions have died at the hands of the US war machine.

So five of us (Lisa, MB, Rosie, Lou and I) went to the hall where the forum was to be held at Bowdoin before most people arrived. Handouts were made and distributed. Students and members of the public took the literature about the Assange case on the way inside. We held the above banner near the entrance under a full moon.

The students were the last to arrive from their nearby dorms and as they entered I kept shouting this question: Who will speak for Julian Assange tonight?

Once or twice we heard a student shout back: 'That is why we came tonight, to support Assange'.

Bowdoin College is all in for the war on Russia using Ukraine as the head of the spear. Their Russian Studies Department has run a series of speaking events promoting the 'Russia is evil' motif and a few of us have attended those and made un-welcome comments. I practically got run out of one of them.

You can read the Portland Press Herald report on this event here. It is the usual mainstream media slant.

Action: Sign the call for actions if Assange is extradited here



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