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Wednesday, September 06, 2023

Keep Space for Peace Week poster



Each year the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space holds Keep Space for Peace Week in early October.

This year our theme is the dangers of crowded orbits.

We urge concerned global citizens to help spread the important message during space week that the militarization, weaponization and nuclearization of space is massively problematic.

Rocket launches pollute the Earth with their exhaust. Toxic rocket exhaust also rises into the upper atmosphere and is punching a bigger hole in the ozone. 

Growing space debris makes it likely there will be cascading collisions in orbits above. That could mean losing GPS, internet banking, weather prediction, air traffic control, cell phone reception and much more.

Crowded space means a possible loss of key military satellites and a higher risk of nuclear war.

All of this directly impacts our lives now!

For many years during Keep Space for Peace week local activists around the world hold protests, show videos, or get local citizens to send letters to newspapers and politicians about our opposition to space militarization.
One thing you can do during that week to help spread links to our website, YouTube page and other social media platforms.

Just click on our social media tree for links to all our platforms - here

Let us know what you plan. 


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Letters? Go out in the street w/ your sign, refuse to vote in fixed elections, they don't care. Refuse to file or pay taxes, and see who drives 50 miles into mountains to beg/ threaten you to become an accessory before the fact of war crimes.

9/8/23, 9:32 AM  

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