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Friday, September 08, 2023

Crazy science alert: 'Manipulating & weaponizing our brains'



Neurotechnology in National Security and Defense: Dr. James Giordano, Chief of Neuroethics Program, Georgetown University.

Here Dr. Giordano talks about how he and his colleagues at the medical branches of NATO have been conjuring up some nano-particulate smart dust that can cause STROKE EPIDEMICS, in what he calls a "scatter arrangement", meaning that they can just douse an area with it and cause a bunch of people to have a stroke.

He describes: "So what we're able to do here is infiltrate the brain space with nano-particulate matter that aggregates in situ (on-site) in the brain and there's one of two things. Either penetrates from the vascular space, gets into the bloodstream, gets in through the nose, through the mucosa, or infiltrates the vascular space and clogs it. What is the result?  It's what's called a nano-particulate stroke or a hemorrhagic diathesis (fancy word, it's a predisposition to people having brain bleeds)."

He then explains how an Italian research and tech group has done a ton of work demonstrating how effective it is in animal models, and how you may not incur a stroke, but you will eventually begin to disrupt the processes and properties of the brain, and as a result "engage something as more of a long-wars effects where you now begin to influence the population in increasingly concentric circles of expansion".

He's describing mind control, behavioral modification, and depopulation. Just so we're all clear...

Robert KennedyJr is the only presidential candidate that has touched on these issues of bioweapons and what these insane scientists are conjuring up in laboratories.

This is also why Fauci was the darling of the NIH and military for so many years, being the highest paid government official. He was helping run all these programs and was paid accordingly.

This is pure Nazi science....legacy of Operation Paperclip. 


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