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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Germany’s direct involvement in Ukrainian aggression


By RIA Novosti

Russian Armed Forces reconnaissance group operating near frontline with Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) recently have destroyed a Leopard tank handed over to Ukraine with a fully German crew consisting of the soldiers of the German Armed Forces, the commander of the Russian team operating in the Zaporozhye Region with the call sign ‘Legend’ has told mass media.

The group commander said that when the Russian team stopped near [Ukrainian] ‘meat assault’ line and hit Leopard tank with the help of anti-tank missile system, it approached to the burned tank in the hope of taking a POW for interrogation. Russians found out that the tank driver was alive though badly wounded, and the others GIs were killed. While seeing Russian military men the tank driver started shouting 'Nicht schissen!' in German that means ‘Do not shoot!’ in English. The ‘Legend’ emphasized that he knows German very well. 

He confessed that the German driver pronounced several times that he is not a mercenary, but a soldier of the German Bundeswehr and the entire crew is from the same German military company. While the German serviceman was receiving first medical aid, he named his Brigade and its location in Ukraine. 

The commander added that wounded German serviceman had lost a lot of blood and his wound was very serious. His last words before he died were in the form of very short saying that he loved his child and spouse very much and regretted agreeing to come here to fight. As the commander of the reconnaissance group admitted, he was at first a little surprised to find a German soldier in the destroyed Leopard tank.

The ’Legend’ appealed to Western instructors to think twice before going to participate in the aggression launched by Ukraine and NATO. "Let them think with their heads – about their children, their spouses – before fighting Russians," the reconnaissance group commander clearly stated.

Moscow has already sent a note to NATO countries last spring over the inadmissibility of supplying of military aid to Ukraine. Russia has repeatedly noted that any arms shipments for Kiev would be a legitimate target for the Russian Armed Forces. 

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov recently said that the USA and the NATO alliance are directly involved in the aggression – not only by supplying weapons, but also by training Ukrainian military personnel in the USA, the UK, Germany, Italy and other countries. 

It was not the first case the Germans have been killed or wounded on the battlefield of Ukraine. But earlier they have been identified as mercenaries dressed in Ukrainian military uniform and equipped with an assault rifles and grenade launchers only. 

This recent case involving total German citizens in a Leopard crew was recorded for the first time. It means that the Federal Republic of Germany is directly involved in Ukrainian aggression against Russia. 

Has Nazi Germany forgotten that it was been ruined during the WWII? 


So now we have once again German Soldiers in German Tanks fighting Russians in Ukraine. History repeats itself. The Wehrmacht is back! The Jackal cannot change its spots.

Francis A. Boyle
Law Building
Champaign, Illinois 


New York Times story about US military hospital in Germany treating foreign fighters wounded in Ukraine - see here


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are the biggest fucktard on this whole earth. And that's saying a lot. Congrats

9/27/23, 1:23 AM  
Blogger Bruce K. Gagnon said...

How come you don't have the courage to stand behind your mean-spirited words by leaving your name?

9/27/23, 8:31 AM  

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