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Saturday, July 02, 2022

Space Alert interview with Canadian activist Tamara Lorincz on NATO


Bruce Gagnon interviews Tamara Lorincz from Canada.

Tamara is a member of Canadian Voice of Women for Peace, WILPF Canada, Science for Peace, and is a board member of the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space.
Tamara tells the story of her 'interrupting' Ukraine President Zelensky's live talk to university students in Canada last week where he urged them to push their government to send more weapons to the war front.
More weapons from the US-NATO are only prolonging the war and hurting all the people of Ukraine - no matter which side they might be on.
Tamara is a PhD student at the university where she did her action - it had a big impact across Canada and beyond. A real inspiration to many of us.
In the interview we talked about NATO's plans to build a 'global NATO'. They want to move into Latin America, Middle East and Asia-Pacific. They are the armed muscle for corporate capitalism.
Tamara comments on NATO's attempt to 'greenwash' their massive carbon bootprint.
She also talks about the more than a dozen protests held from coast-to-coast in Canada last week against NATO.
Tamara has been working to stop NATO expansion for many years - long before the war in Ukraine began.
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