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Thursday, July 28, 2022

Biden in Israel - a big nada, zero


What (if anything) did Biden leave to Israelis & Palestinians?

Upon arriving
In Israel,
President Biden
Voiced verbal
Support for
The Two State Solution -
But immediately
Made it clear that
He would do nothing
To get this solution

Biden had very little
To offer to
The Palestinians.
Not even reopening
The US Consulate
In East Jerusalem -
A measure he had
Explicitly promised.

Biden took off
To Saudi Arabia,
His main destination,
Leaving behind
Millions of Palestinians
Under continuing
Brutal oppression.

Defence Minister Ganz
Who aspires to
Become  Prime Minister
Declared that he would not
Negotiate with
The Palestinians
But only seek to
"Reduce the conflict".

But is it really possible
To reduce the conflict
And ask the Palestinians
To endure the occupation
And wait patiently
For another
American President
Or for a true
Government of Change
In Israel?

This illusion
Might blow up
In all our faces.

Gush Shalom statement, July 26, 2022 


Palestinians [should] start aggressively lobbying all nations, globally to work towards a one-state solution. One person, One vote, No religion.What will happen? They will not get a one-state solution. No way for that. But if  Palestinians start lobbying all nations towards a one-state solution, and some countries start taking this idea seriously, this might make Israel agree to a Palestinian state in the 1967 borders.  That is how Zionists think. From the Zionist point of view, losing the West Bank is like getting your leg or arm be cut off. but losing the Jewish Majority is like getting your head cut off. So if you threaten them with decapitation, they might agree to an amputation instead.

Adam Keller


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