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Friday, July 01, 2022

Our weekly 'No war with Russia' vigil continues



Yesterday six of us were back in downtown Brunswick, Maine for an hour-long 'No war with Russia' vigil.

We've been holding this event each week since February.

When we began the vigil we got about 20% positive responses from cars zooming by. (Honks, waves, thumbs up or peace signs).

Yesterday was different. After the vigil we collectively agreed that we got about 35% positives which indicates to us that things are steadily moving in our direction.

Maybe it is the rising price of gas, food, electricity and more. Maybe people are learning more about the Nazi-fied army of Ukraine and all the terrible, cruel things they have done to the Russian-ethnic people of eastern Ukraine since the US directed coup d'etat in 2014. 

Or maybe they agreed with us all along but were just too afraid to 'publicly' admit it.

We will continue to return as long as it is necessary.

The prospects of the war growing as NATO continues to expand closer and closer to Russia's borders is real. The possibility at some point of the US becoming 'full-blown' involved (not just the CIA and secret US military operatives inside Ukraine) could likely trigger a nuclear confrontation.

We trust that our vigil helps people think a bit and also see that not everyone is swallowing the MSM bullshit that runs non-stop in the western so-called media.

Photo by Lisa Savage.



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