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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Budapest protest: We want peace!



Speech by Endre Simó, president of the Hungarian Community for Peace at the peace demonstration in Budapest on July 25, 2022

When a government says peace and acts against it, the least we can do is to protest against it and demand that it unequivocally and irrevocably represent the peace interests of the Hungarian people!

I am glad that here in Nyugati Square, communists and people with other worldviews stand together for the peace of Hungary and demand that the government keep its election promise!

They promised that they would not let our country be plunged into war. And now we see more and more concessions being made to those who do not want peace in Ukraine, but war against the Russians.

It has not been a week since our Minister of National Defense voted in Brussels to send more weapons to Ukraine. We Hungarians do not give weapons to Kiev, but we finance the arms shipment of our allies worth 500 million euros with Hungarian taxpayers' money.

In its decision of March 7, the government authorized the settlement of NATO forces in Transdanubia and their passage through our territory and airspace. Since then, the license has been extended to the entire territory of the country. At the NATO summit in Madrid, our Prime Minister also agreed to increase the number of NATO forces stationed in Eastern Europe, including in our country, by almost eight times.

The government gave NATO and its leading power a free path to deliver weapons and ammunition to Ukraine through the territory and airspace of our country.

He did not veto NATO expansion with Finland and Sweden, although he did with Ukraine.

On July 15, Olivér Várhelyi, the Hungarian Commissioner of the European Commission, assured the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Denis Smichal, of her unwavering military and financial support.

On July 7, Lt. Gen. Romulus Ruszin-Szendi, the commander of the Hungarian army, held a secret meeting in Kiev with Valery Zaluzhnyiyi, the commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian army. On the Ukrainian side, his visit was evaluated as Hungary supporting Ukraine against Russia.

The President of our Republic, Katalin Novák, the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, bases her international negotiations on curbing Russian aggression.

Viktor Orbán also echoes the voice of Russian aggression. Who knows why he turned a blind eye to what the Kiev regime carried out against the people of Donbass for eight years, taking the lives of 13,000 Russians.

At Tusnádfürdő on Saturday, our Prime Minister encouraged the European Union to act as a peacemaker between Russia and Ukraine. He just forgot to say what he was doing for peace.

After all, the government regularly votes for anti-Russian sanctions, and then we go to Moscow to beg for gas!

"Our NATO and EU allies don't let us do what we want, they keep blackmailing us," the Hungarian government defends itself against the people, who can hardly even buy bread anymore.

Why should we allow this? It is not yet clear enough how much damage the EU policy is causing us? Isn't it enough that one million Hungarians have lived in poverty up until now? Do we need those who haven't had a cold to catch a cold?

Kerosene lamp instead of electricity? Do we want to lose our pants while pushing the cart of the EU and NATO?

Prices have gone so high that only those whose salaries are raised by 33 percent can defend them! The ministers. And for others, the government's message is that "this is not the time for a wage increase".

While the government has no problem making a living, many millions of Hungarians face impoverishment. What was natural yesterday will be luxury tomorrow. Heating, lighting and healthy food will be luxurious.

Of course, only if the people agree! As I see that there is a danger of social destabilization due to the rapid devaluation of wages and pensions that follow the prices. Provided that we stick to the bad while there is better!

The name of the good solution is reconciliation with Russia.

Normal trade instead of sanctions, building relations instead of reducing relations, building bridges instead of digging ditches, cooperation instead of confrontation!

There is a world that does not want to subordinate us, but considers us as equal partners. Why should we refuse? Wouldn't there be a higher order of values than serving foreign interests and risking war for the sake of those whose map is this landscape?

We Hungarians are not used to letting them subjugate and oppress us! We want to be independent and neutral in both directions! We want to live in good relations with both the East and the West! We want to develop, progress, prosper, according to the moral commandment of mutual respect, equality, and peaceful cooperation!

We have to act, we don't have to wait until the vortex of Western politics, which is immature for compromise, swallows us up! Only those who truly serve the national interest, the interest of their own people, can find a way out of the crisis!

That is why we, the Peace Community, warn our people and the government not to allow the West to undermine the security of Hungarian society with its anti-Russian behavior and rejection of Russian security demands. If our own allies refuse to come to terms with Russia, we have to come to terms with it without them! This is dictated by our national interest!

The Hungarian Community for Peace appeals to people, social and political organizations and communities: let's create a Peace Forum to protect the peace of our country and strengthen our national sovereignty. Please, those who value the peace and independent future of our people, indicate your intention to join forces so that together we can form the Forum for Peace movement!

May our noble service be accompanied by the support and love of our people and nation! 


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