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Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Very, very interesting


Solzhenitsyn died in 2008, but I thought it was interesting that in many ways he predicted this conflict could happen, already in 1968, many years before the break up of the Soviet Union. 

Then other texts from later years show a good analysis of Russian-Ukrainian relations and where were they could be going. Unfortunately, they ended in the war he most feared. 

Texts are from The Gulag Archipelago vol. 5 (1968), a letter from 1981, Rebuilding Russia (1990) and one of his last interviews, for German magazine Spiegel (2007). 

All interspersed with footage from several documentaries including “Roses have thorns" (2014) about the Odessa massacre, “The Trap” (2007) about shock therapy in Russia in the 1990s, "The Children of Leningradsky" (2005) about street children in Moscow in the 1990s, "Donbass" (2016) by Anne-Laure Bonnel, plus footage from the current war from different news sources. 



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