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Tuesday, May 03, 2022

Rising prices, rising concern for peace in Hungary


 Declaration of the Hungarian Community for Peace


The escape of the Prices, especially of food prices, the depreciation of real wages and pensions, declining purchasing power, saving consuming inflation, stalled supply of raw materials, more and more borrowing show that it was a mistake to identify ourselves with the Western powers' sanctions policy against Russia. 

More and more people living on wages, salaries and pensions are facing livelihood problems. Living standards are declining. The price of sanctions policy is paid by peoples across Europe, including the Hungarian people. The deteriorating material situation threatens social destabilization, despite the fact that the energy supply of the population in Hungary seems to be secured for the time being. The almost uncritical service of Western interests not only afflicts our people economically, but also threatens its security. 

The deployment of NATO troops in Hungary and the fulfillment of Western demands on Ukraine weaken the nation's immune system, rocking it in the belief that it can hope to defend its independence and sovereignty by its allies, not in a European collective security system. It is not wise to forget about Hungarian history: about our sacrifice so that the West can live in prosperity! We know what the blood of the peoples of the East is worth to the West. Ukraine is a living example. 

The Community for Peace finds it serious that the government does not recognize the danger posed by the unrest of our own allies, nor does it seek the necessary counterweight to it! Where did the policy of opening up to the East go?

Is only gas interesting? Isn't peace anymore? There is no room for unilateral politicking here in the Carpathian Basin! It is in our national interest to have good relations with both East and West! A balance can only be struck in a pan-European system of security and cooperation. Instead of digging a trench, we have an interest in such a system! 

We need to reach an agreement with Russia to have peace! We have no interest in enlarging NATO with Finland and Sweden. You have to veto! As we did in the case of Ukraine. Weapons in our neighborhood would not have crumbled if, together with our allies, we had recognized the legitimate security guarantees that Russia is demanding. They must be recognized in the name of reciprocity! 

We must act for a peaceful solution, not give our waist to those who get rich from wars! A government responsible for a nation cannot subordinate the country to foreign interests! You have to be sovereign! The government has been authorized to do so. You must pursue a neutral policy! 

The Hungarian Community for Peace is ready to help and strengthen the voice of the peace-loving Hungarian. But the government-controlled media will not allow it. We expect you to change your one-sided outreach practices and give a microphone to all social factors who want peace and help achieve it. We want to avoid sacrificing the interest of Hungarian society in peace on the altar of ill-considered power interests! 

This is our creed, for the sake of our country.

Budapest, 1 May 2022 


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