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Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Demonstration for Peace at US embassy in Hungary


“We came here in front of the US Embassy so they could hear clearly what we were saying! We do not want war for the sake of either America or NATO! We want to live in peace and good relations with Russia! ”

Joint demonstration of peace-loving people in Budapest, organized by non-governmental organizations.

Speech by Endre Simó, President of the Hungarian Community for Peace

Greetings on behalf of the Hungarian Community for Peace! It is important that we are together people of many worldviews, creeds and temperaments for our common cause, for the protection of the peace of our country against those who would be willing to sacrifice our peace if we left, as they did with Ukraine. Fate has given us, peace-loving Hungarians, the task of not letting ourselves be deceived and shedding our blood for foreign interests. Let us learn from history and not believe the sound of the siren of those who profess to be our allies, even though our country is only a map for them.

We came here in front of the US Embassy so they could hear clearly what we were saying! We do not want a war for the sake of either America or NATO, as you Americans are commanding! We want to live in peace and good relations with Russia! Here in Central Europe, we want to live in peace with both East and West! We are not enemies of you Americans, we want to be your partners in East-West cooperation, in implementing a security system in which all parties involved recognize the right of others to security and guarantee it in law. We wanted to express this to you several times in person, but we knocked on your door in vain! If we got to the reception of your fortress at all through the tank traps. Have you ever been to the Russian embassy? Have you seen similar obstacles and obstructions there? And it is not the Russians who are our allies, but you! Or not? What are they afraid of? Whether we want to live in peace and good relations with others? We also did not receive a reply to our letter to President Biden drawing his attention to our national interests stemming from the geographical location of our country. They act as if there were no national interest other than their own! And even if it were, it would have to be subordinate to the American interests.

This war could have been avoided if you also wanted to. But neither your government nor the Deep State behind it wanted to. You wanted a war in our neighborhood. You urged the Kiev group, which came to power with your help in a coup in 2014, not to implement the Minsk agreements, not to give autonomy to the Donbass. You have denied Russia what you are demanding for yourself: security. Russia has called for NATO to end its eastward expansion, for Ukraine not to be a member of a military bloc but to be neutral. Your government has declined the request. Russia has asked not to install offensive weapons in Ukraine, but you have deployed and even sent experts there who have trained the Ukrainian army to use nuclear weapons. Moscow has also called for NATO forces and armaments to be withdrawn from countries that became members of the Atlantic bloc after 1997. This was also rejected. And meanwhile, Russia was provoked non-stop on land, sea and air.

Anyone who breaks his neighbor’s window at night must reckon that the victim will not seek justice from a court, especially if the court is under the influence of the perpetrator, but will assert his right to live free from harassment. He gives him enough physical treatment so he doesn’t even think about breaking his window again. We are now living the moments of this treatment. At the same time, the one who entrusted the perpetrator also gets a slap. The perpetrator and his instigator now plead in the victim’s pose. They declare agressor the victim of their agressivity who wanted to put an end to it. They knew what was going to happen! Moscow has predicted what it will do if the nice word doesn’t work. The bully and his instigator now invoke their human rights and violated physical integrity and want to convince the world that they have acted aggressively in defense of the free world and democracy.


     Mr. President Biden, in the name of what kind of freedom can others be threatened and harassed?

In the name of what kind of free world can the right of countries and peoples to live safely, to develop normally, to prosper be challenged?

What makes a world whose leading state is interested in arms sales and warfare free?

What would make the Ukrainian system democratic, which denies the linguistic, cultural, ethnic and religious identity of the peoples and nationalities that make up Ukraine and proclaims itself to be a unified nation-state?

What kind of freedom and democracy is there where people are divided into indigenous and second-class citizens, ethnicities, and are racially discriminated?

What is freedom and democracy like in a country where Hungarian, Ruthenian, Russian, and others can only speak their native language when the law allows it?

What kind of free world is it that tolerates the army of a “democratic Ukraine” killing 13,000 Russians who refused to submit to the US-backed regime in Kiev?

What kind of idea of ​​freedom drives one who sees himself as the custodian of freedom and democracy, demands that others conform to his model, and if they do not want to, he uses violence against them?

This is the freedom of arbitrariness! Freedom to abuse democracy!

America is sick and has infected our neighbor, Ukraine too.

I myself have found in recent years that parallely with the decline of the American Empire, there has been a growing view amongst the global financial circles that the United States has made a mistake that in World War II it did not enter into an alliance with Hitler against the Soviet Union, but entered into a coalition with the Soviet Union against Nazi Germany. They believe that Russia can be conquered, fragmented and divided among themselves. Russians considered an inferior race would be deported beyond the Urals or simply exterminated. Pure Nazi race theory! Their plan is supported by the hundreds of biological laboratories set up around Russia and China, dozens of which have been revealed in Ukraine. Biological weapons research was conducted in these laboratories. Experiments have been performed with microorganisms, insects, and mammals and poultry capable of spreading pathogenic substances. Biological weapon components were produced. Documents have also been reported on spraying with drones and experimenting on humans. The laboratories are operated by the Pentagon, the U.S. Department of Defense. Written evidence has emerged of President Biden’s son Hunter’s interest in bioweapon research.

Canadian General Trevor John Cadieu, head of the No. 1 biological laboratory at the Azovstal steelworks in Mariupol, who tried to escape the catacomb, was arrested and taken to Moscow to be brought to justice.

The Western media keep silent about all this. Because it is obliged to keep silent. A journalist who wants to inform objectively, even in his own editorial office, encounters censorship, and if he tries to insist, he flies a short way. Large Western news agencies and the press, once proud of their objectivity, are forced to provide false information about the conflict in Ukraine. Not only do they keep silent about its causes, they also have to lie if they don’t want to be disconnected from the net. Only what the power considers to be true can be true. Thus, it could happen that the Russians were accused of war crimes committed by the Ukrainian neo-Nazis. See the explosion of the theater in Mariupol and the massacre in Bucha. It is now well known from video recordings and testimonies that it was a play held in Bucha: corpses transported from elsewhere were spread on the roadway to make an impression. The performance was mainly staged by the British with the corpses of civilians who were used as living shields by the glorious Ukrainian army in residential buildings, schools, and hospitals. They finalize a panel report that, based on concrete data and eyewitness testimony, could prove that the Mariupol theater was not blown up by the Russians, killing 600 civilians, but by the infamous Azovist neo-Nazis, who are now defending to the last drop the Azovstal steel plant and NATO officers trapped in the PIT-404 sector of the underground system and those of the secret bioweapons laboratory.

Do you see what the free world is warping into when the profit interests of a handful of groups run counter to the idea of ​​freedom? They dust, deceive, lie in our eyes. All this in the colors of the defenders of democracy.

Although the Hungarian Peace Community is aware of what happened why, and why Russia was forced to resort to military means, we did not come here to justify the war that has claimed the lives of tens of thousands of soldiers, 2,500 civilians, including 225 children, but to show a way out of it.


The name of peace is compromise. America and NATO must recognize Russia and China’s right to security! They must acknowledge that they can no longer dictate to the peoples, least of all the Russians and the Chinese, but must treat them with respect. They must negotiate with them as an equal partner. And they must build the future together with them on peaceful cooperation based on mutual benefits, rather than on unilateral benefits. It must be acknowledged that our security is one and indivisible! No one has the right to claim their own safety to the detriment of others! The Western powers are not yet willing to acknowledge this. But they will be forced to! Unfortunately, the facts continue to show that groups accustomed to deciding the fate of countries and peoples from the offices of skyscrapers in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago will not relinquish their privileges on their own if they are not forced to do so!

Ukraine is the scene of this global struggle. Station on the road to a world order of peaceful coexistence and cooperation. If Ukraine is demilitarized, denazified, and forced to neutral, if the equality and independence of the peoples living there, including the Hungarians, is guaranteed within a federation, the West will be forced to acknowledge that the future of humanity is no longer shaped by those who speak of freedom, democracy and human rights, while doing the opposite, but those who want to put it into practice. Fortunately, there are more and more people who understand this in the West, even though their voices are still stifled.

We Hungarians can best serve the cause of peace if we do not give in to any temptation and incitement to war, but remain our own lords! We expect Viktor Orbán to be coherent and not let Hungary sink into a war! We find the Prime Minister’s courageous stance against those of our allies who view the sovereign policy of the Hungarian national interest with a bad eye! We would find it even more courageous if the government banned not only the direct delivery of weapons to Ukraine, but also the indirect transfer to other NATO states via Hungary! The government should pursue a neutral policy despite the fact that Hungary is a member of NATO! We call on the Hungarian government to veto the accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO, just as it has vetoed Ukraine’s accession. This would help both the Finnish and Swedish people to remain neutral and not be dragged into the conflict by the same people that Hungary must beware of. The Hungarian Community for Peace agrees and assures the government, and Viktor Orbán personally its support against  the European Union’s plan to ban Russian oil imports, and criticizing the Western sanctions policy against Russia, because he is aware that it will hit us back, and all those who commit it.

We would like our foreign policy to grow up to the requirements of our time, to draw on the experience of Hungarian diplomacy in the 1970s, when Budapest brought the parties in the Cold War to a negotiating table and launched the co-operation process of Helsinki. We have to do it again now! We need to build a bridge instead of digging a ditch! An international conference should be set in motion to lay the foundations for a European and international system of collective security and cooperation. Let’s dare to be big again! To show what kind of world our people are capable of! The government can count on our Peace Community in the bridge building up.

The humane, helpful attitude towards the refugees in Ukraine is worthy of the reputation of our nation! The Peace Community is still raising donations to help refugees from Ukraine.

We stand ready to assist the government in enforcing a neutral policy for peace and security for Hungary. We want the public service media to give space to the opinion and voice of the peace-loving Hungarian, because peace is not only a matter for the government, but for our people and nation! For all of us!

May 9, 2022


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