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Monday, May 16, 2022

Poland to make a move on western Ukraine?



There is growing talk about Poland making a military invasion into western Ukraine by the end of this week.

I've heard this from a couple sources including a politically astute Ukrainian friend who had to escape to Russia soon after the US directed coup in Kiev in 2014. He had to flee to Russia like many political activists that found their lives in danger at the hands of the Nazis who have been used as 'enforcement muscle' on behalf of the right-wing government that the US installed and continues to control.

My friend said that there are three provinces in western Ukraine, near the Polish border, that the right-wing Polish government (and strong US-NATO ally) has long had its designs on. At one point in time these provinces were part of Poland. (This is the Ukrainian region where the Nazis predominate.)

The US-UK are pushing Poland to make this military move.

It now appears that a 'deal could be in the works' to break Ukraine up into three parts. 

First, the red part on the map (Donbass) of eastern Ukraine near the Russian border will grow in size as a result of Moscow's military operation to liberate much of this land from the Nazi-led Ukrainian army.

Secondly, the blue western part of Ukraine near Poland could be carved off to some yet unknown degree by Warsaw. 

That leaves a middle section of Ukraine (parts of the blue and pink areas) which would then likely remain under Kiev's control.

It is possible, if Russia is able to liberate Odessa from the Nazis, that Ukraine could lose its access to the Black Sea. 

Likely at some point a ceasefire would be agreed to as Ukraine is now nearly out of fuel for their army. My friend in Russia believes that a ceasefire would not hold for long as the US-UK-NATO war machine really wants the hostilities to continue as tinder in their effort to destabilize and force regime change in Moscow.

Before the war began in February I wondered if a deal had been made during all the shuttle diplomacy that was going on between Russia and the western powers. At the time I speculated that such a deal might include the carving up of Ukraine similar to what I just outlined. If it turns out to be the case then it would have made so much more sense to have done that deal without all the deaths that have taken place on both sides.

But such a deal would largely have left the Nazis in place in various parts of eastern Ukraine and these fascists would never have agreed to such a plan. Thus Moscow had few if any viable options to consider. Already 14,000 mostly civilians had been killed, with 34,000 wounded, at the hands of the Nazi-led army attacks on the Donbass region since the 2014 coup in Kiev.

It's likely that elensky in Kiev, the Polish government, and Russia had one common desire. To see the major strength of the Nazis destroyed. It appears that the US-NATO were always the primary agents who really wanted the Nazis around. It was Washington and Brussels that armed, trained and directed the Nazis since 2014. 

So keep an eye on this bouncing ball to see where it lands. Time will tell for sure.



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