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Friday, January 07, 2022

U.S. - Japan war plan for Taiwan being resisted by Okinawan people


Dear Mr. Bruce K Gagnon,

I am writing today in response to a recent report in Japan about a joint operation plan in preparation for a possible Taiwan invasion by China.

Kyodo News in Japan recently reported that Japan’s Self Defense Forces and the U.S. military had made a draft plan for a joint operation should an emergency with Taiwan arise. The plan reportedly would set up a temporary attack base to be built on the Nansei Islands chain including Okinawa at the first sign of the emergency, which could result in involving local residents in combat operations.

The reports created a stir in Okinawa where a fierce field battle was fought and hundreds of thousands of people were killed during WWII. Right after the report, a group of civic leaders and scholars issued an emergency statement calling for the recall of the plan and announced that they would launch a non-partisan association campaigning not to let Okinawa become a battlefield.

Governor Tamaki, expressed his opposition to the plan and requested further information when he met with Mr. Oniki, State Minister of Defense on December 24, 2021. Citing the report that a uniformed Defense Ministry officer said that the Self Defense Forces would not be able to afford to protect residents during contingencies and that the local governments would need to play the role instead, Governor Tamaki told the State Minister that no additional burdens should be imposed on Okinawa which already bears excessive burdens in hosting military bases, and that Okinawa should never be a target for attack.

He stressed the need for Japan and the U.S. to reduce tensions and build confidence in the Asia-Pacific region instead of just strengthening deterrence.

We would appreciate it if you would understand Okinawa's voices, and reach out to members of Congress of your region for support for Okinawa. Please feel free to let me know if you need any further information from us. We are open to online/in-person meetings.


Satoshi Uechi
Okinawa Prefecture Washington D.C. Office


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