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Wednesday, January 05, 2022

Back on my feet with many unanswered questions


Mary Beth and I drove to nearby Popham Beach yesterday to walk about 1.5 miles and to enjoy the sun. I'd not been anywhere, except to the hospital since December 20, other than to walk about a bit in our neighborhood.

Needless to say it was great to feel alive again.

I've been re-gaining some weight and strength - still a bit shaky at times but my mind fog is mostly gone which allows me to be more active on internet. I do miss blogging and such.

People tell me it will still take some time for my lungs to heal from the pneumonia but even that so far is feeling good.

During the worst of the covid time I was not eating much at all - which for me is not normal. I lost around 15 pounds.

About 3-4 days ago I noticed I was wanting to get on the internet more and my typing was starting to sort of make some sense again. That is when I knew my brain to hand connection was coming back.

I'm hearing from more people that have got (or are now getting) the virus. Who knows which variant it is for sure? They say everyone will get it at some point. Taking 3-4-5 jabs ain't likely to help, in fact I'm seeing more info that says taking too many shots begins to harm your immune system.

I remain convinced that covid is ultimately a biological weapon cooked up at the Army lab at Ft. Detrick in Maryland. It was then sold by Fauci to the Wuhan lab in China where it likely leaked out and spread. 

I don't trust Fauci as far as I can spit. I notice that CNN just named Pfizer's CEO 'as the man of the year'. With all that big-media advertising Big Pharma does this should come as no surprise. One dirty hand washes the other.

I don't criticize anyone for doing what they think they need to do to stay safe during these crazy times - except - if you are not speaking out more about Big Pharma then you are seriously missing the political moment of our time.

I send my best thoughts and prayers to anyone suffering from this scourge.  

Ask yourself why the medical 'profession' basically told the public to stay home and only come to hospital once you could not breathe anymore. Why didn't the 'medical industry' tell people about things like Vitamin D, C, Zinc and other supplements that would help them ward off the virus? Imagine how many lives might have been saved by those simple steps?

Why were the people abandoned and then only given expensive jabs that are proving not to work so well after all?



Blogger Joni said...

Good questions!

1/5/22, 1:17 PM  
Blogger Dancewater said...

It takes months for Vit D levels and Zinc to build up in your system, so once you are sick it is too late. But, if everyone started taking them now, it would help the immune systems down the line.

I think the virus came from nature. I think vaccines generally work and in this case, are rather helpful.

1/5/22, 4:20 PM  
Blogger Judith Bello said...

I'm glad you are feeling better. I agree with your thinking on where the COVID19 Virus came from. I have thought pretty much the same from the beginning. With regard to the vitamin therapies, the Asian countries are much more creative regarding treatments, using vitamins and herbal medicine. It has helped them. It is worth remembering that the AMA banned all forms of medicine other than that sanctioned by their members a century ago.

1/5/22, 9:11 PM  
Blogger JK Pease said...

I agree with Dancewater about reasonable doses of Vitamin D, C and Zinc to bolster the immune system, and also the need to start them when you are well.
I think that vaccines in general are nothing short of miraculous, but I share your view that there is no place for profiteering in medicine in general and for sure not in public health. I doubt that these vaccines are harming our immune systems. Like you I've weighed the risks and benefits, but unlike you I've opted for vaccines. As one epidemiologist here in New Zealand put it...the people who opt out of vaccines are choosing the option to be "brutally vaccinated" by the virus itself.

So happy you have survived. We need your voice and your questions in so many ways!

1/5/22, 11:18 PM  
Anonymous Sass said...

I'm so glad you're on the mend, Bruce! <3

1/6/22, 1:23 AM  
Blogger Dennis Riches said...

Good to hear you are feeling better. I wrote a piece in which I tried to explain why people who oppose the nuclear complex should also oppose the pharmaceutical complex, and should support all the whistleblowers in both.

1/6/22, 4:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr Gagnon, you are living proof of a working protocol.

1/8/22, 9:24 AM  

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