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Monday, January 31, 2022

Crazy weather in Maine



How things can change in a week.

We've not had much snow here in Bath, Maine so far this year until Saturday.

So in one week's time we went from virtually no snow on the ground to this dump of 18-20 inches. And there is no place really to put the snow that we move! Another 5-8 inches is due on Friday of this week.

Is it the result of climate crisis where weather patterns are becoming increasingly strange and unpredictable? Sure seems that way.

One of my sisters who lives in northwest Iowa (Minnesota and South Dakota border) as of last week told me they've had no snow at all. 

Very strange indeed.

On top of that our two big propane tanks need refueling but the Irving Energy company has been stringing us along for the past week. One tank is now empty and the other is close to the end. We've lowered the heat way done - no showers for awhile either. We've heard that they are short on delivery drivers. Is this one more example of the growing disintegration of life in the 'greatest country in the history of the planet' as they like to say in Washington?


PS In this very bottom photo note the mound of snow (piled up by the city snow plow) in front of our car. Our good neighbor Gary brought his plow over to clear the path in the driveway. Very amazing. 


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