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Thursday, September 30, 2021

Present arrives from death row at San Quentin


A nice surprise arrived in the mail today from my phone-friend James P. Anderson who is on death row at San Quentin prison in California.

He told me a week ago to expect a present from him in the mail. He's called me a couple times to find out if it had arrived yet. No, I said, not yet - all the time wondering what might be coming.

Today an envelope arrived from California with a nice card and the domino that had been transformed into a 'Keep Space 4 Peace Week' gift.

It's a key chain pendant - one of many made by the jailed hands of James.

It even has my initials - BKG - branded into the side of the domino.

My first question - how did he make this because they had taken away his 'tiny electrical plug bit' that he previously used to scratch out letters and images?

Well James called tonight and put my question to rest. He used a paperclip to carve the domino.

His last tool, was called a 'dangerous weapon' by the jail authorities and he was thrown in the hole for more than 60 days. (See more on that whole sordid story here)

All his property was confiscated (including his legal papers that he uses to work toward a re-trail) and has yet to be returned violating state law which says after an inmate gets out of the hole their property 'must' be returned.

James is still waiting.

Since he got out of the hole James has followed all proper procedures - filed paperwork requesting his property be returned by prison authorities; filed a request to the state 'Office of Inspector General' for an investigation; and contacted the governor's office. He's even sent word out to various media outlets. No good results. So much for the 'rule of law' in America.

Why does San Quentin do this? I've asked James that question. His answer is that he is being punished because he dared to file a lawsuit because of past property theft by the jailers. It's happened before - and not just to James.

I know it's a bit twisted and hard to understand. James is in jail and his property is being stolen (which is against the law) and the people that are doing it are free and clear and run the prison.

It's an upside-down world.


PS Thanks James. I love the key chain and will carry it with me always.


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