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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Bennett's Responsibility



By Adam Keller

Prime Minister Bennett
Explicitly announced
That "There will be
No political process
With the Palestinians".

In other words,
He informed the Palestinians
That they have no hope whatsoever
To get free
Of the Israeli occupation
Through negotiations.
Any road to liberty
By non-violent means  
Was completely closed off.

The six Palestinian prisoners
Who staged a daring prison break,
Are admired by their people
As freedom fighters,
While Israel regards them
As dangerous terrorists.
They may provide the spark
Setting off a great conflagration

The full responsibility
For all developments
From this point onwards
Lies firmly with Naftali Bennett.

Gush Shalom Statement - Sept. 13, 2021
Contact: Adam Keller +972-54-2340749


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