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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Latest GN newsletter now online


Inside the new Space Alert!

The latest edition of our Global Network newsletter, Space Alert, is now finished and at the printer.

  •     Cover story by Koohan Paik-Mander is a must read.
  •     We have a two-page spread in this issue about the explosion of space ports being built around the world in environmentally sensitive areas.
  •     Stories about coming super-power conflict over bases on the Moon and the pathway to get there.
  •     'Colonies on Mars' envisioned by the aerospace industry. One way ticket to the red planet is only $300,000 (that is at today's prices so make your reservation ASAP!).
  •     A special 'In Memoriam: J. Narayana Rao Presente' to remember one of our greatest GN leaders from India who passed away in June due to Covid.
  •     And our usual section called 'the funnies'.... you gotta laugh sometimes.
  •     You can order bulk copies of the newsletter - just send a donation to help cover print/mailing costs.
  •     You will find the full color version online here


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