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Monday, September 28, 2020

Visiting Gull Rock pottery in Hancock, Maine


MB and I recently visited Gull Rock Pottery in Hancock, Maine which is run by our friend Akemi Wray and her husband Russell.  It is located on wondrous Frenchman Bay.

Russell is a great artist who does amazing nature sculpture, etchings and engravings.  You can see his website here.

Akemi makes beautiful pottery with blue and white brush designs.  She is from Japan and of course her work clearly features that cultural influence. We bought several different pieces of her work and are now using them daily.


They are both great souls - we first met on a bus ride from Portland to Washington DC for a protest against George W. Bush's 'shock and awe' war in Iraq.  During more recent times Russell has been very active in our conversion campaign at Bath Iron Works and he has made brilliant banner paintings for our peace walks up and down the state.  Here is one of my favorites - Russell is standing next to me in the photo.

When ever we visit them Akemi always makes the most incredible food and she artfully lays out a beautiful spread on the table as we sit down to eat.

They are rare birds and make living in Maine all the more special for us.  If you are ever up in the Ellsworth-Hancock area be sure to stop and buy some of Akemi's wonderful pottery and one of Russell's works.  

You'll never regret it.



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