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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Hedges: Primacy of corporate power


Journalist Chris Hedges spoke to the Peoples' Convention - August 30, 2020.

He lays it down like only he can do - not shaving any edges.

It's a clear speech, he speaks truth with a force that comes from watching other nations disintegrate internally.  His warnings often do not go heeded because most people fear having to recognize what Hedges has to say.  They don't really want to be in the middle of the coming shit storm - maybe it will go away or we'll get a knight in shining armor to save us....they hope.

The mistake is to think one can somehow escape the coming collapse.  But we can't run from it - we all will feel it.

This summer's political convention atmosphere (with a touch of professional wrestling thrown in for good measure) is evidence to me that the corporate ruling elites have constructed a brilliantly effective public relations campaign.

Hollywood and Madison Avenue have put their high-paid smarts together and decided the best way for the ruling oligarchs to benefit from the coming collapse is to turn the great unwashed against one another.  

How many so-called 'progressive' groups are really working for the public?  Many are Democratic party front groups, with paid staff and marching orders to push Biden and Dems nationwide.  One local kid in Maine told that he is being paid $20 per hour by one well-funded Dem campaign.  That's alot of bread for doing door knocking for a candidate.  

Both Republican and Democrat compromised leadership are reading off a script.  Mom and pop sitting around the TV (afraid of going outside) have nothing left except to take sides with our brain-washers.  It's very sad.

I don't see enough of a fighting spirit in the public.  They have a tired, angry, depressed, fearful look in their eyes.  My volunteer efforts lately to hold banners for Lisa Savage are putting me out by the American people.  If you want to see America just hold a sign on a corner.  Most of them are driving by.  Not many are walking but that will change soon enough too.

Some folks do get it.  While we banner many honk, wave or flash peace signs back at us.  Lots are timid though about acknowledging that something is going wrong. One woman slowly and gingerly hung her hand out the window the other day and gave us a finger wave.   

It reminds me of peace walks.  Usually I organized them this time of the year.  I put together five of them in Florida - the biggest was the Walk for the Earth from the Everglades to Tallahassee in the north.  Seven weeks long.


Here in Maine I've organized five of them as well.  Always led by Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist monks and nuns.  Brilliant people - they carry love, action and spirit to people around the world.  We've had great walks in Maine with a very dear and dedicated team over the years.  Because of covid any thought of a well organized peace walk this year is not possible.  Maybe next year.  But for now I am standing on the corner holding banners that ask the people what they truly stand for.  

I love doing this more than any other part of my work.  I want to see and feel the people.  And bring them the spirit that you are not alone.



Blogger Lisa Savage said...

I miss your peace walks, too. Something to look forward to post-pandemic.

9/23/20, 10:50 AM  
Blogger Lisa Savage said...

I miss your peace walks, too. Something to look forward to post-pandemic.

9/23/20, 10:51 AM  

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