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Saturday, September 12, 2020

The People's Choice in Maine's Senate race


The reviews are in from across Maine and the nation.  People loved Lisa's debate performance last night in the US Senate race's first debate. Donations and comments are pouring in. The debate was sponsored by the two biggest newspapers in Maine and one of the major TV stations.  It also aired nationally on CSPAN.

Here is a sampling from Lisa's Facebook page:

  •  This is my first exposure to your campaign, Lisa Savage for US Senate, and I think you represented yourself well.
  • While I am not a registered Maine voter, I will sing your praises to friends & family who are.
  • Thank you, Lisa Savage for US Senate for being such a level headed & compelling candidate to motivate me to vote this year. Definitely my first choice and will continue to encourage others to do the same.

  • You have won my vote. ❤ Thank you for being a decent, intelligent, independent woman.

  • You did amazing Lisa! In the comments section of the video, you clearly stood out. People really seemed to admire you! Excited to see your numbers jump with the next polls!

  • Great debate from the most principled, honest and fair candidate on the stage. Way to go Lisa! ❤

  • Well done, Lisa Savage! You done us proud!

  • Excellent job on the debate, Lisa Savage! You were on topic, focused on solutions, and you didn't trash-talk the others on stage. Well done!!
  • You were great. The thanks for answering the questions with a focus on what you care most about moving forward.
  • So glad I watched the debate tonight and learned more about you! Strategizing my rank choice voting decisions! Thank you for putting yourself out there!
  • You kicked butt tonight. Great job!!! Before the debate I had never heard of you (I live in a bubble). Now, you have my vote. Democrats and Republicans have had 250 years to get things right and they are not even close. America could be better, much better. Progressive is the only way America will progress.

  • I was blown away by your grasp of issues, focused answers and obvious intelligence and genuineness. Brava, Lisa!

  • Everyone should recognize that you are the candidate we need for the problems we are facing. They can spin anything to the tribal team fans but the only genuine article up there was obviously you.
  • Anyone in Maine, convince, inform, campaign & canvass for Lisa Savage for US Senate. Phonebank for her, bring Signs or make some. Tell everyone that she's not a spoiler & with Ranked-Choice Voting, she is safe. & establish that the reason Lisa Savage is the only electable one because Sara Gideon & Susan Collins are backed by Corporations & will never bring the changes we so desperately need now. Lisa has the policies that will solve the problems, she only needs your help. 


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