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Friday, September 25, 2020

Star Wars has arrived in 2020


Each year since 2001 the Global Network organizes Keep Space for Peace Week.  Usually we develop a list of local actions that will be held around the world as groups and individuals express their concern and outrage over plans to move the arms race into space.

This year due to the virus pandemic we are having to forgo that organizing plan.  We are promoting the week anyway and plan to hold two Zoom webinars on space issues (October 8 and 15).  I'll post more information about each of those events in the coming days.

Both the Repubs and Dems support this expensive and provocative plan to have the US 'control and dominate space' and to 'deny other nations access to space'.  Originally put forward in a planning document (1997) called Vision for 2020 - this offensive program is right on schedule.

When Trump recently succeeded in getting his Space Force proposal through Congress it was the Democrats - who currently control the House of Representatives - that were in a position to stop the provocative plan.  But instead, as is usual for that party, they rolled over quite willingly - just like an eager lap dog.  All the Dems asked was to instead name the new service branch 'Space Corps' but they didn't even fight for that.

Both these two corporate parties in Washington will benefit as their 'elected officials' will get their campaigns heavily funded by the aerospace industry as a 'Thank You' for supporting what the industry has long claimed will be 'the most expensive industrial project in human history'.

Help us by sharing information about the weaponization and nuclearization of space in anyway you can.  Many in the public still think that Star Wars is far off in the distant future but the reality is that the program is now staring us right in the face.



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