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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Freedom? Who benefits?


The elites love to brag about our ‘democracy’ here in America.

They are so ‘proud’ of what they call the ‘greatest nation in world history’ (nothing but pure arrogance) that Washington is willing to bomb and kill millions to bring them this so-called democracy as well.

Of course this is all a ruse.  We all know it’s not really about democracy.  That is just the glossy cover story to hide the real motive – profits and control. 

Years ago when I lived in Orlando, Florida my local bank changed its name to ‘Freedom Bank’.  I pondered that one for some time.  What was their definition of the word ‘freedom’?  Freedom to do what?

Freedom to rob other nations of their resources, freedom to lie, cheat, and kill?  Freedom to make endless amounts of $$$ with no regard to human rights, human needs or the impact on the environment from corporate actions?

I changed banks.

During this current bloody election season we are witnessing the real ‘democracy’ in action here in the USA.  Voter suppression, manipulation of polling data, corporate funding of ‘chosen candidates’, favored media coverage of the chosen ones, throwing alternative political parties off the ballots in some states, the list goes on.


I’ve sent out letters to the editor supporting my favorite Senate candidate to five different newspapers in Maine and so far only one paper has printed any of my letters.  And it is the paper farthest from my home!  I know others who have similarly sent different letters to several papers and can’t get any of them published.  Why?  Is there a quota on favorable letters for a particular candidate in Maine?

More Americans refuse to vote than those that actually do vote.  Why is that?  I’ve got a pretty good idea – they believe the system is rigged on behalf of the rich and powerful.  Why bother they say….if elections really worked they’d be made illegal an old saying goes.  Might just be right.

I was the kid who grew up on military bases going to military run schools where we were fed endless stories about the greatness of American democracy.  Suffice to say that I swallowed the line. 

I believe in the idea of democracy and would sure like to see some of it for once.



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