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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Space week meetings in Nepal

Teacher Prabhu Yadav leads a discussion with faculty and students at Patan Multiple Campus in Kathmandu, Nepal. 

Professor Shreedhar Gautam (Patan Multiple Campus, Tribhuvan University) in Lalipur-Kathmandu leads a discussion at another meeting

As per the schedules of our organization, The Global Network Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space to mark a protest Week from October 6-13, 2018 worldwide, we, Nepal Chapter of Global Network, has organized several Programs, including photos exhibition, banners, pamphlets and interactions.  We held a talk program on October 12 in Kathmandu focusing on the need of keeping the space from Nuclear Powers and proliferation of Nuclear Weapons in the different parts of the world. We opposed the Military alliances like NATO and advocated the need of sustainable development.

We (Shreedhar Gautam and Prabhu Ray Yadav) gave an introductory remarks to draw the attention of the audience regarding the objectives of the Global Network  Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space. And we will organize such activities in futures too.

Prabhu Yadav
Kathmandu, Nepal

In 2016 GN board members Dave Webb (UK), J. Narayana Rao (India), Will Griffin (Philadelphia) and I traveled to Kathmandu to introduce the work of our organization at various college campuses across the city.  Following a presentation to the Nepal Council of World Affairs a decision was made by those we met to form a Nepal Chapter of the Global Network.  Dr. Shreedher Gautam was made President of the chapter and Prabhu Yadav became a board member.

Since then several members of the Nepal Chapter have attempted to come to the US and England for the last two Global Network annual meetings but were all denied entry Visas (except for one member who was able to come to Huntsville, Alabama).  In spite of those denials the chapter continues to stay involved and these space week events are testaments to their commitment for which we are grateful.



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