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Friday, October 12, 2018

Police block Jeju protesters from reaching President Moon

At the official ceremony of the US organized Navy Fleet Review on Jeju Island, South Korea the people organized large protests in the village just outside of the new Navy base gate.  They also jumped into their kayaks and tried to approach the various warships including the US aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan.

South Korea's President Moon Jae-in, who once said the Gangjeong village was owed an apology for the lies over the past 11 years as their village has been torn apart to build the Navy base, was inside the ceremony dressed in a military flight jacket showing his subservience to the war machine and US military domination on the Korean peninsula.

Activist Sung-Hee Choi reported from Gangjeong village:

President Moon has been known to be eager to meet the former mayors Kang Dong-kyun, Cho Kyung-chul, and anti-base committee chairman Go Gwon-il, who are currently the leaders of anti-base village association. However, on the very day, he not only avoided them but blockaded them by police force to the fury of people in the rally in front of the Peace Center, the center of the village. Just before it, Moon government had stopped our leading protest van.

In strong protest to President Moon, former mayor, Kang Dong-kyun said, "We have one more mouse." The new mouse indicates President Moon. The original mouse is [former president] Lee Myung-bak, the conservative, who is now in prison.

Needless to say the villagers and their many supporters are extremely angry and have now virtually lost faith in President Moon.  Who can really blame them?

What the hell was the impact from all these warships on the endangered coral forests just offshore?  How much toxic pollution from the ships was dumped in the water?



Blogger Unknown said...

So electing moderate "leaders" as front men or women for the corporations who actually rule us is kind of a waste of time is my conclusion. Also, this is yet another example of why saying that "protesting doesn't change anything" is a lie. If it's so ineffective, why do nations spend so much time and money suppressing protest?

10/13/18, 7:59 AM  

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