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The collapsing US military & economic empire is making Washington & NATO even more dangerous. US could not beat the Taliban but thinks it can take on China-Russia-Iran...a sign of psychopathology for sure. We must all do more to help stop this western corporate arrogance that puts the future generations lives in despair. @BruceKGagnon

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Nazi march in Ukraine - Terrorism in Crimea

  • These are the forces that the US has been supporting since the 2014 US-sponsored coup in Kiev.  Days ago over 8,000 of them marched through the city. American dollars have trained and armed the Nazi death squad battalions to fight against their own fellow citizens in eastern Ukraine who live near the Russian border as a way to create chaos and to draw Moscow into the tar pit.

  • See an excellent article by Diana Johnstone that tells the story about how the coup came into motion here.

  • A US Air National Guard pilot was just killed in Ukraine flying a mission with a Ukrainian pilot in one of their fighters.  What is the US Air Force doing in Ukraine?  See the story here.

  • There are confusing reports about the attack at Kerch College in Crimea that killed 19 and wounded 50 more.  RT has video coverage that clearly reveal shots being fired - see more here.  An article from Fort Russ has more details here.


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