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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Climate change update: Florida hurricane

I lived in Florida for 30 years including several in the Florida panhandle (Ft Walton Beach) where this hurricane hit today.  I witnessed several hurricanes and tornado's during my days there but nothing like this.

Most Florida politicians are climate change deniers.  Let's see what they have to say as folks are digging out from under this mess.

Let's see what those Floridians who love Trump have to say now.

We ignore reality at our own peril.  The facts are facts - human activity is heating up the Earth.  It might be too late now as we arrogantly go on with our fossil fuel and animal-based industrial agriculture society that is going to make it impossible for human kind to survive.

A friend once told me that he read 500 mile per hour winds were likely in the years ahead.  Nothing would be left standing.

Our Mother Earth - always pregnant with life on this beautiful planet - is angry at her stupid children and is swatting them on the ass.  Will they begin to listen now?



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