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Monday, September 22, 2014


Buddhist monk Senji Kanaeda singing negro spirituals last year in Bangor during our drone walk though Maine.  He will lead our walk again this Oct 11-20 from Rangeley to Berwick, Maine.

I've learned that when you get into a bind while organizing something it is best to share the worry with others because often a solution will quickly come.

During the weekend at the Common Ground Fair I shared with a couple people that we have been having a hard time finding places to stay in Livermore Falls and Gray during our up-coming Maine Walk for Peace & A Sustainable Future.  No sooner than I did that Lisa Savage from CodePink sent out an email to her Maine activist list and Ken Jones from Portland forwarded it to a friend of his in Gray and suddenly we've solved that one.  Home stays and supper taken care of. The power of the walk in action once again.

Now that the Common Ground Fair is over, and the People's Climate March is done, I think we'll see alot more focus on the walk by activists across Maine.  Already in the last two days the emails and phone calls have increased.  Even had a call from a newspaper in Gray wondering why we decided to pass through their town.

So all we have to do now is solve the Livermore Falls need and we'll be rolling.

Walks are magical experiences - spiritual experiences - where the beating of the drum and chanting draw people's attention and human warmth.  We'll be carrying signs and banners along the way and we'll hand out flyers to people along the route of the walk.  Our goal is to reach out to people about Maine's growing economic addiction to military production.  We want to create more reflection and discussion about this issue across the state.

During the Common Ground Fair a woman who lives in Rangeley (the town where the walk starts) took a handful of flyers to hand out in her community.  Another woman told me she is organizing a bunch of people to join us the last day when we walk to the Pratt-Whitney F-35 jet engine factory in Berwick.  All along the way there will be many generous and uplifting expressions of kindness that will warm our hearts and give us the inspiration and energy to keep walking.

Walks take alot of organizing but they always create magic and touch the hearts of the public.  Here we are a month away and already the walk is doing its job of reaching out to good hearted people.


Blogger elaine x said...

the universe always answers a need when help is needed! whooo hooo! code pink working to keep code red at bay!

9/22/14, 12:11 PM  

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