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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Paper Enemy & Alliance of Monarchies

Obama launched his attack on Syria using F-22 Raptor warplanes — employed in combat for the first time — from a base in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and by firing around 50 Tomahawk cruise missiles from US Navy Aegis destroyers.  The cruise missiles cost more than $1 million each.  Imagine the money burned during this attack.

The Washington Post reported the attacks "have flattened targets in ways destined to test Obama’s doctrine requiring 'near certainty' that no civilians be killed." 

The Obama war team boasts that their allies in this affair make up a US-Arab alliance that provides political cover for another Washington attack on Muslim people.  Let's review this alliance of Gulf petrodollar dictatorships:

Saudi Arabia (Absolute monarchy), Jordan (Constitutional monarchy), the United Arab Emirates (Federation of Emirates), Bahrain (Constitutional monarchy) and Qatar (Absolute monarchy).  Most Americans will have no clue about these governments but it is safe to say that the US has united with the most reactionary forces in the Middle East in this operation.

The US was created after a revolution against the monarchy in Britain.  Isn't it just a bit ironic that as Obama claims to be bombing for freedom, democracy and peace he is in fact in alliance with repressive monarchies (like Saudi Arabia which beheads its citizens)? It has been repeatedly proven that these monarchies fund and direct many of the fundamentalist Islamicist terrorists in the region.

Basically its a war between various Arab tribes for control of the region and its oil and the US has chosen the side of the worst elements.  

Of course Mr. & Mrs. Average will have little to no understanding about these complexities and contradictions in US Middle East policy.  They will not get any of this kind of analysis from the mainstream media nor will they get it from our 'selected officials' in Washington.  Instead the American people are left adrift to deal with the propaganda that emanates from the White House and the Pentagon. The fear and smear tactics are used to ensure easy access to the national treasury by the military industrial complex and their partners in the board rooms of the multi-national oil corporations.

The corporate media has reported that this operation against ISIS will likely last several years... no surprise there.


Anonymous denk said...

at 1million a pop,[1] pentagon has been raining tomahawk missiles on
empty buildings ? [2]
no wonder obomber boasted of zero collateral damage !

who'd u think might have tipped off the isis ;-)



9/24/14, 11:05 PM  

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