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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


More people and banners are arriving at Ganjeong village during recent days due to increased publicity about the struggle against Navy base
Professor Yang was arrested for blocking a construction truck on Jeju Island and is now in his 36th day of hunger strike while in jail

Sung-Hee Choi reports from Jeju Island that Professor Yang Yoon-Mo is now entering his 36th day of hunger strike against construction of Navy base. He has notified people that when he hits his 40th day he wants supporters to visit him in jail and write down his last will and testament as he has pledged to fast to the death unless the building of the Navy base comes to a halt.

Yang's hunger strike is driving more attention to the issue across South Korea and more people of late have begun to come to Gangjeong village to share support for the hard-pressed people of the community who now have been fighting for the past four years against the base plan. People from around the country are also sending banners to show their support. More high level dignitaries are also beginning to make the journey to the village.

People are urged to call the South Korean embassy in their country to protest the building of the Navy base which will become a port for U.S. warships.

In other news Sung-Hee has posted on her blog that:

Bruce Gagnon's solidarity message for the Jeju struggle through the May 7 Maine protest against another christening of an Aegis Destroyer entered as a top article in a Jeju press called 'The Jeju Domin Ilbo' (meaning the Jeju island people's daily news.) Click HERE to see the Domin Ilbo article.


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