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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


A villager in Gangjeong, South Korea joins the protest against Navy base

Supporters visited Yang Yoon-Mo at the jail yesterday on Jeju Island. He is now on his 42nd day of hunger strike. People tearfully begged him to resume eating but he vows to die if necessary to stop the Navy base construction. Yang met his friends in a wheelchair and said his blood sugar was down. His pulse is gradually dropping as well.

According to Sung-Hee Choi, "He said even though the prison officers have been trying to persuade him to stop fast, he would not submit to it until, Woo Keun-Min, the Island governor, withdraws the Jeju naval base plan and protects peace in the Gangjeong village. It is to emphasize that his heart has never been changed. He finally said he would not regret his decision and his death would be the fertilizer for the struggle."

Yang made the following short statement:

Since I am a son of society, son of history and son of national history, I have seldom attached myself to my own family.

I have struggled for social justice, film society’s democracy and against the Free Trade Agreement, and that is why I could carry out the absolute opposition movement against the naval base for the Gangjeong village, Jeju Island.

I will protect the Gangjeong Sea until I die and protect it even after it.

Please do my funeral in the simplest way.

And please shed my bone powders after cremation everywhere of the Joongduk coast, carried by Mr. Kim Jong-Hwan and Go Young-Jin, the two Gangjeong villagers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please see that Yahng Yoon-Mo receive this message. In advance, many thanks.

TAT TWAM ASI! I am you — yes! yes...dear Yang, dear dear man and yes, that goes for the basalt rock and for the fish for the people of Gabgjeong and with you I am profoundly.
and profoundly, too, witness that TAT TWAM ASI escapes so many ... they haven't yet understood that as they destroy parts of Nature they are destroying themselves ...

So few emissaries for Nature have we that I appeal to you, at this time, to please stick around... for if you go so do I and the fish and the coral will feel pain profoundly.

You have touched my heart and you must stand UP
nurture yourself back to strong health and together
with like-minded birds of a feather, find anotherwayaround, ok?

With love.

5/29/11, 7:34 PM  

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