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Sunday, May 01, 2011


Some years ago I read a raw quote from a right-wing political strategist in the U.S. who said something like this:

"Our goal is to make elections so nasty, so unattractive, to the average voter that they quit voting. At that point it will become easier for us to win the elections and control the country."

I am kicking myself for not hanging onto that source. But in reality, this is exactly what seems to be happening in the U.S., Canada, and countries all over the world.

The ruling elites control the major political parties and make their campaigns so expensive and evil that the working class drops out. Who can blame them?

Maybe at some point we have to organize full-on boycotts of elections and then demand the restructuring of the systems in order to allow alternatives to the ruling elite?

What else can we do? When the majority of the voting eligible public refuses to vote maybe organizers and political activists need to reformulate our strategies.


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