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The collapsing US military & economic empire is making Washington & NATO even more dangerous. US could not beat the Taliban but thinks it can take on China-Russia-Iran...a sign of psychopathology for sure.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011


  • The Pentagon and Romania have decided to deploy a U.S. ground-based "missile defense" system at the Deveselu Air Base near Caracal, Romania. The missile offense system will be the SM-3 interceptor (also referred to as the “Aegis Ashore System”). Normally these interceptors are deployed on 21 different Navy Aegis cruisers and destroyers but Obama has decided, due to their successful testing program, to put them on ground-based launchers as well throughout the region. The Pentagon has also announced that they will deploy Aegis warships in the waters of the Black Sea which would give them the capability to take-out Russian nuclear missiles following a U.S. first-strike attack.

    According to one pro-MD group, "The Romanian based Aegis Ashore system will work in coordination with deployed U.S. Aegis BMD ships in the Mediterranean as well as a forward-based radar placed in Turkey or Bulgaria by 2011 and the Battle Management Command at the Air and Space Operations Center (AOC) at Ramstein Air Force Base, Germany. Other missile defense assets such as the Defense Support Program (DSP), Highly Elliptical Orbit (HEO) Satellites, future Precision Tracking Space Sensor (PTSS) satellites as well as the airborne infrared (ABIR) concept will be integrated into the AOC at Ramstein to ultimately provide the best tracking, discrimination and shooting solution amongst all the missile defense assets."

You will notice on the map above how the Black Sea adjoins not only Romania, but also Bulgaria, Ukraine, Turkey, Georgia and Russia. The U.S. is steadily depositing bases, troops, and weapons systems into each of these countries as the encirclement of Russia increases. The Obama team, like the Bush administration before them, is also pushing NATO membership for Ukraine and Georgia which would mean the establishment of permanent bases in those countries.

  • My Catholic Worker friend Art Laffin (Dorothy Day Catholic Worker House in Washington DC) was one of 52 people arrested in Kansas City, Missouri on May 2 when they non-violently blocked the gate to the construction site of what will be the nation’s first nuclear weapons production facility, costing $1.2 billion, to be built in 33 years. Despite the pretensions that the U.S. was going to get rid of its nuclear weapons, in fact the Obama crew is increasing funds for the Department of Energy nuclear program.

  • Native Americans are furious. “We’ve ID’d Geronimo,” said the voice of the Navy SEAL who reported the hunt for Osama bin Laden was over. Obama, and all those gathered in the situation room, waited on edge for the voice to return with the triumphant news, that in fact, “Geronimo” was dead. According to multiple sources, “Geronimo-E KIA” is the message that was sent to the White House by the strike team to announce that bin Laden, the “E,” or Enemy, was Killed In Action.

This comes from Indian Country where the use of Geronimo's name has reminded them that the "great white father" in Washington still regards Indian people as renegades. “It’s another attempt to label Native Americans as terrorists,” said Paula Antoine from the Rosebud Sioux Tribe in South Dakota. Potentially the most disturbing fact is what this says to American Indian children. It equates being Native American with being hated, an enemy to the world, and someone to be hunted down and killed, and re-casts one of their heroes into a villainous role.

The skull of Geronimo, the great Apache warrior who long eluded the U.S. Army by hiding in the mountains of the Southwest and in Mexico, today sits inside the "tomb" at Yale University which hosts the Skull & Bones society. The grandfather of George W. Bush, former U.S. Sen. Prescott Bush, was one of six Skull & Bones members who dug up Geronimo's skull and bones from his burial ground in Oklahoma. This secret dark society finds power in such artifacts. Many of the power elite from both major political parties, including Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) and Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank, are members of Skull & Bones.

It just goes to show what a sick bunch of people are running this country and much of the world. Why anyone would follow them, and believe in them, is a mystery to me.


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